Radon fan with color coordinated exhaust pipe.
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  Radon levels can be readily reduced in your home by installing a radon remediation system. Subslab depressurization is the most common method employed.  By reducing pressure below the slab between your home and the foundation soil, radon gas is exhausted through the system's plumbing before it enters your living space.  Variations of this configuration can be used in dirt basements and crawl spaces.
  Certified by the PA DEP, we guarantee to reduce radon levels in your  home
below the EPA threshhold of 4.0 pCi/l. We will meet with you to design a
system that functions well and is aesthetically neutral. Custom colors are available for our exhaust pipes and we strive to keep the system as inconspicuous as possible.
   We are also available to troubleshoot and repair existing radon mitigation systems.
    Contact us to set up a consultation or to discuss any issues you may have.